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We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer when you open a website. Cookies are saved with the files used by the browser. Some cookies are used during the session, some for longer. 

Cookies can be divided into four categories: necessary, functional, analytics and marketing cookies. The necessary cookies are mandatory and needed for the web page to function correctly. These cookies do not store the kind of information of users that could be utilized in marketing. 

Cookies used on this web page and their operating time

Analytics cookies

Google Analytics 

These cookies collect anonymous data for analytics purposes. Read more about Google Analytics cookies here.

  • _gid, 1 day
  • _ga, 2 years

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You can also prevent the use of cookies altogether. The use of cookies can be limited or prevented through the internet browser (see the help section of your browser for directions). Note that the cookie preferences differ per browser and you must make changes separately on every browser you use. If you prevent the saving of cookies or disable them, some features of our website may not necessarily work right.